Disaster Recovery

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Disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery & Hybrid Setups

At Smart Cloud we specialise in customised solutions that enable customers to benefit from an integrated VPS Cloud Hosting and a private Dedicated Server for a bespoken project.

Whether you need specialised infrastructure to run your applications or a hybrid setup to host your DR environment, we can provide customisable servers, storage and network configurations in single or clustered mode. All this comes with fully managed services included backups, virtualization, operating systems, networks, infrastructures, firewalls and applications (including but not limited to Oracle, MySQL and SQL databases).

Disaster recovery

Cloud Hosting & VPS

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Dedicated Servers

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Why Smart Cloud


At Smart Cloud we follow a very simple philosophy – we listen to the evolving needs of our customers and adapt to them. Flexibility defines us as a business and is why we chose to include Smart in our name.


We implement a range of security measures that ensures denial of any unauthorized access to your data. This is achieved both at cloud infrastructure level as well physical facilities. Our data centres are both PCI-DSS as well as ISO 27001 certified.

Keep it local

Your data and services are hosted locally improving latency. This also enables you to fulfil stringent data protection regulations, as well as licensing conditions for regulated business operations. You can visit the facilities and meet the team that support our cloud infrastructure.


We truly believe in and love what we do. We are driven to make the cloud experience better by blending the core intrinsic needs of the market with industry trends. Our roadmap has a beginning, but no end and we’re devoted to expanding our offerings relentlessly.

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