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Remote Gaming

Remote Gaming

Malta is an excellent gaming jurisdiction, particularly because it is highly-regulated and offers very favourable incentives for companies to setup their base, which has resulted in an influx of gaming companies on the island.

Online gaming companies host sensitive information, such as user data and payment details. This requires robust, secure, reliable IT infrastructure that guarantees practically no downtime. Moreover, as the industry is constantly evolving, these needs may become more challenging and scalable, so it is vital for highly-trained IT personnel to constantly be on standby.

A reliable data centre service provider is becoming increasingly indispensable as companies do not have the time, money, personnel or scalability to cater for such highly-sensitive needs. The Melita Data Centre offers tailor-made solutions and provides a dedicated team of personnel highly specialised and experienced in administering gaming support.

The remote gaming sector in Malta is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.


How can Smart Cloud help?

Whether you’re looking at moving your live gaming operation, secondary site, or basic database replication in line with local regulation we can provide solutions approved by the relevant authorities. Our team will also coordinate with your technical resources, and corporate services provider to complete your MGA application process.

Dedicated Servers

For larger, more demanding live gaming operations.
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VPS and Cloud

For database replica or smaller start-up operations.
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Your team manages the infrastructure, we manage your uptime and security.
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Why Smart Cloud


At Smart Cloud we follow a very simple philosophy – we listen to the evolving needs of our customers and adapt to them. Flexibility defines us as a business and is why we chose to include Smart in our name.


We implement a range of security measures that ensures denial of any unauthorized access to your data. This is achieved both at cloud infrastructure level as well physical facilities. Our data centres are both PCI-DSS as well as ISO 27001 certified.

Keep it local

Your data and services are hosted locally improving latency. This also enables you to fulfil stringent data protection regulations, as well as licensing conditions for regulated business operations. You can visit the facilities and meet the team that support our cloud infrastructure.


We truly believe in and love what we do. We are driven to make the cloud experience better by blending the core intrinsic needs of the market with industry trends. Our roadmap has a beginning, but no end and we’re devoted to expanding our offerings relentlessly.

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Why Choose Malta?

Malta is a cosmopolitan location offering a safe, stable and attractive business environment. The island is conveniently located in the middle of the Mediterranean, is a member of the European Union and the Eurozone, and is a signatory of the Schengen Agreement. These factors offer  protection to businesses and individuals, providing freedom of movement to EU members, and for European transactions to be made in an easier and cheaper manner.

Malta offers low setup and operating costs coupled with attractive investment incentives. It has bilateral investment agreements with over 15 countries, double tax treaties with most major countries and reduced rates of income tax among other benefits. The island also offers a sound legal, regulatory, accounting and banking system, and a highly-developed ICT infrastructure and financial services centre thus creating the right environment for foreign companies to relocate.

There are several large industries operating on the island with the iGaming sector being a key player. The industry is thriving with the number of licensees continuing to grow year-on-year and as a result, Malta has become recognised as one of the leading remote gaming jurisdictions in the world, with a developed regulatory environment and infrastructure that fully supports this industry.